We wrote you a book, but since it took us a year to publish this in print, we thought we'd just put it out to the web and handle the whole printing thing later, if ever. Here are the 17+2 chapters of our book.

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1. Introduction

It's an introduction by the authors Steve and Markus. They only wrote it the day before the launch, since they thought it was a bit pretentious to write introductions.

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2. Foreword

[Add person here] was kind enough to read our book and then crazy enough to write us a foreword. He's awesome. You should go buy some of his books too.

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3. Defining the problem

It seems like there are so many numbers out there for us to consume that we have started to treat them like bacteria - with paranoia. Why have we become this way? Have we painted ourselves into a proverbial corner and now we can't get out?

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4. Why do we suck?

We suck. There's no argument about that, it's all about the magnitude of denial. In some drug or alcohol program they say that the first step towards healing is agreeing to having a problem. To help, we made you a list.

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5. Defining the terms

If you already know your way around analytics systems, you might find this chapter a bit tedious, but glance through it. A common language is the best weapon we have against ignorance.

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6. Metric definitions

Going deeper into the jargon hole, we have a list of values and ratios. We provide our way of calculating these and it will make reading the next chapters much more pleasant if you have these stored in your brain.

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7. Common myths

Like urban legends, there are thousands of false facts, creative truths and blasphemous lies out there about analytics and measuring. We start with five and will keep adding if you send them to us.

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8. The model

We tried to create a method, a model - a law, if you will, to help us constantly develop and make ourselves better. We call it our model. It's not perfect, but at least it's effective.

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9. Goals and objectives

Your website goals and objectives should tie in very closely to your overall business strategy not be separated from it. We give you the what's what about goals and objectives.

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10. Working out your costs

Before we start working out our costs per acquisition, click calculations and formulas, let's take a moment and think of business basics. They should matter much more with analytics that you think.

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11. Benchmarking

Benchmarking is like asking for the other opinion. If you just have a single set of data, it's very difficult to know how you're doing. We show you how it can be done with existing data or by starting from scratch.

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12. Customer testing lifecycles

When it comes to marketing, we have tons of different life cycles we are dealing with, but often leave unnoticed or neglect to give them the value they deserve. Just like the seasons in the year, we people are moody beasts.

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13. What is the value created?

We have made calculating your costs per click and acquisition quite easy already, but how much value is each conversion really creating? Even more, where and how is it created? Can we improve it?

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14. Phased sending

Phasing is something that is missedo often. Do you really want to send all of them at once? Should you send them in parts? Yes you should and we'll tell you why and how.

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15. Quality vs. Quantity

The ultimate test for agencies, what happens if you double their budget or half their budget. What will the result look like? Are the fixed costs the big thing? They can be.

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16. The costs involved

There are a lot of costs involved in anything business-related. Since we're so afraid of numbers, we tend to stress about the big, fixed ones and totally not care about the tiny ones that come in a box of million.

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17. Case study: GlobalBrand

Our model is not just a theory, so we wanted to give you an example of how we have used it in the past. The best thing about our model is that it scales perfectly. Whether you're a one man show or you have 50,000 employees, it will work.

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18. Imaginary use case

We wrote a short story, an imaginary campaign and how our model can be used in smaller projects too. Analytics shouldn't be just a privilege for big corporations. It's time for the little guy to shine.

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19. Everyday applications

We gathered a long list of everyday applications for using our model. We hope it will give you or your colleagues something to think about, even helping you find the right way towards redemption.

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What's been said about the book?

"Data, data everywhere and yet all decisions from the gut!" That just about encapsulates why our marketing strategies are faith based, why our websites are barely functional ("the CEO loves purple!"), and why we are not making the types of profits we deserve. I love this book because Steve and Markus provide specific advice on how to unsuck our lives! Buy. Don't suck. Win.
Avinash Kaushik
Digital Marketing Evangelist - Google
Author - Web Analytics 2.0
In your face and a Must Read for beginner and expert analysts alike.
Jim Sterne
Founder - eMetrics Summit
Author - Social Media Metrics
Chairman - Digital Analytics Association

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