Chapter 1:


This whole book has been in the making for a long time. The first time we met in our beloved home away from home, a quaint pub in the heart of Helsinki, Finland, we spoke of these things. I've always appreciated those sessions with the people in there, since it's never been an industry meet-up or a networking thing. It's just been mates having a beer and talking about stuff we really, really like. Like beer, fishing and sometimes analytics.

Both of the writers come from a mixed background. For example; Steve has been working in a small factory in Sunderland, making parts for the bigger Nissan factory next door. It was there, assuring the quality of metal piston rings, that measuring things, forecasting and analytics was a real thing. At the same time Markus was selling instruments in a small music shop, while playing with his computer the rest of the time.

Writing the book itself was a quick process: It only took four months, from December 2011 to April 2012. The plan was to release and publish the book before summer holidays and Markus' firstborn daughter's due date in July 2012. Here we are, a year later, writing this introduction.

Getting the book on paper has been the most arduous task ever. Although Markus has experience in print design, we didn't want to take that path of making everything ourselves. We wanted to bring more people in, to share the experience and allow others argument the manifesto into something bigger, something stronger. We got many people, who were interested, many signed up, but only one delivered. We tried crowdsourcing, we tried hired help - nothing was what we wanted. So, after waiting for a year and Markus realising that the next kid was on the way, it was time to hustle and get the book out.

The idea behind the book has always been to create an organic book. We don't think that the manifesto is close to being finished and you, dear readers, have a major part in the next chapter of it. We are hoping for you to prove us and our model wrong, we want you to use and learn our sayings and methods and report back to us. We'll update the book together with you. Not just editions, but a collection of knowledge and data.

We would still love to get the book out in print, do it properly. So if you're that someone who feels the passion to bring this manifesto out into the physical world, let us know. We want to talk to you. We haven't really thought about publishers, the last time Steve wrote a book and published it, it wasn't really what he expected and how he wanted it to go.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy it, if you don't - let us know why.

In Helsinki, May 1st 2013

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What's been said about the book?

"Data, data everywhere and yet all decisions from the gut!" That just about encapsulates why our marketing strategies are faith based, why our websites are barely functional ("the CEO loves purple!"), and why we are not making the types of profits we deserve. I love this book because Steve and Markus provide specific advice on how to unsuck our lives! Buy. Don't suck. Win.
Avinash Kaushik
Digital Marketing Evangelist - Google
Author - Web Analytics 2.0
In your face and a Must Read for beginner and expert analysts alike.
Jim Sterne
Founder - eMetrics Summit
Author - Social Media Metrics
Chairman - Digital Analytics Association

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