Chapter 15:

Quality vs. Quantity

Our clients send out a load of marketing messages and even though they might not be always looking at the right numbers, they're sure to keep looking and complaining about the fixed costs or OPEX. Since they're the big one. The one that doesn't start with a zero point something. Of course the problem here is that 200 thousand of those zero point fours cost a lot more than the 4000 euros you spent on the fixed costs, but hey, who cares. We have another test for you.

Regardless of whether you work with an agency or an in-house marketing unit, the next time you're doing a marketing campaign, do a test of quantity versus quality. Instead of just always trying to get the price down on that newsletter design, give your agency a challenge. Have them do two variations on your usual newsletter. The first one in half the time and budget they would usually spend and the other one in double the time. Also have them do their usual one.

What would happen if you doubled or halved your campaign budget?
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Why? We believe that one of these methods will work better for you and it mostly depends on the type of product or industry you are in. This test will not only prove the facts, it will give your agency some nice time to test their own prowess and processes.

Send all three versions out to random samples and see what the result is. If the cheaper one generates a value of more than 1.5 times the cost, it is better than the average. If the expensive one creates more than double value, it's again surpassing expectations and should be integrated. Naturally, the main purpose of this exercise is to get data which will tell you how much you should spend on your newsletters (with the particular agency) to get the best benefit for your investments.

The truth in the end will not be either or, but usually something in the 25% or 75% range. Go through the designs with your own people, your agencies and your data to see what the major differences are. Usually you will find a lot of smart textual things with your half-budget production and some great design aspects in the more expensive one – combine these for even better results.

Design can be measured through testing.
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And yes, design can be measured through testing. Just do it with people without telling them that you're testing the design. Never, ever, tell anyone you want their opinion on design. They will never shut up.

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